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The CFVT Experience

Canine Frenzy Versatility Training has been serving the area since 2019. Founded by Pam Sisler, CFVT provides services to help you and your pet bond and learn to understand each other in a fun and kind manner. "At CFVT, we believe that a strong bond between owner and pet is crucial to any training session".  All dogs and their owners or Junior Handlers are welcome to train with us! We help purebred and the beloved mixed breed, from the house pet to the advanced show dog. Our trainers are a group of dedicated certified trainers and AKC Evaluators here to support your vision and unlock your inner shine. CFVT have many activities for the beginner to advance in which all dogs and owners/ Junior handlers can participate in.

We've been featured in many articles, LEDE News and SHHC Veterinary Science Program. 

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Our Trainers

Pam Sisler

Pam Sisler is the owner of Canine Frenzy Versatility Training an certified trainer, she is also a AKC evaluator and UKC SPOT Judge. Pam is a evaluator for AKC Canine Good Citizen Tests, Tricks, Farm Dog, Temperament, And Fit Dog. With continuing education she has all 3 levels of Fit Dog with AKC to be a instructor. She volunteers her time as a PetPals Advisor for Monroe County 4-H. She loves working and encouraging junior handlers and their animals (dogs, chickens, goats, cats, rabbits, ect.) ready to pass CGC for nursing home visits (all animals has to pass a form of CGC to do nursing home visits). Pam has coached and trained many 4-H kids including her daughter that has won many times at Ohio State Fair and at AKC shows. Pam has been working with dogs since she was in 4-H, she chose a different small breed each year to learn how to groom and show in confirmation and obedience in 4-H and AKC shows. Then she went on to breeding, grooming and showing large breeds as an adult with over 30 years of training and showing, she has a long history of working and rehabilitating aggressive dogs. Not only has she trained and gave lessons to people with dogs, she also has trained and gave lessons to horse clients of all ages. She is very effective at adapting to the clients and dogs needs to clear up the communication between the owner and animal. Pam's currently has three English Shepherds with one of them being a rescue. Pam shows in obedience, rally, dock dogs, barn hunts, lure cursing, tricks, canine conditioning, FIT Dog, and agility. She also has S.T.A.R Puppy, all the levels of CGC, Therapy Dog, Farm Dog, and many more. She has over 50 combined titles on her three English Shepherds in those events. She goes to workshops, seminars and training to continue her education. Pam has the first pool and dock in Belmont County to teach dogs to swim, build muscle, and learn the Dock Dog Sport after competing in the sport for several years. She also started a AKC Fit Dog Club for the Barnesville and St. Clairsville areas at no cost to the public. CFVT Fit Dog Club sponsors  group walks to helping  people and their dogs healthier. If a incentive is needed you can also earn 3 different levels of Fit Dog recognition from AKC.

Caroline  Shaffer-Sabo

Caroline has been training and working with dogs for 15 plus years. She started by taking her own rescue Labrador Retrievers to local obedience classes when she was a teen. She then started volunteering with the local obedience classes as an assistant trainer. Caroline learned and had hands on experience under multiple trainers at that training facility. She learned to work with many different breeds and behaviors of dogs. She was educated on different styles of training methods. Every trainer she worked with had different styles of training from positive, punishment, negative and positive-negative reinforcement. During her time at the training facility she worked with AKC trainers and evaluators with show, obedience, rally, and Canine Good Citizen Classes while titling her current dogs in AKC Canine Good Citizen. She continued her education by working through college at Petco as the Senior Dog Trainer for 2 years. Caroline taught obedience of all levels, intro rally, and Canine Good Citizen Classes. During work at Petco she was an AKC Evaluator and she received her certification as a dog trainer. Caroline was then hired to work at a local Veterinarian office as a Veterinarian Assistant where she received more hands on experience. During her time working for the Veterinarian office she attended a 3-day seminar on dog aggression with behaviorist from Ohio State University and a professional dog trainer. Caroline also attended 2-day seminar with STSK9 and received a certification in their Pet University Training. Caroline continued her education and worked as a local dog warden for the local animal shelter. During her work she caught loose dogs in the county, cleaned, walked, fed, and helped with adoptions for the dogs at the shelter. She also trained and worked with a few long-term dogs at the shelter to help them get adopted. Caroline had a Labrador Retriever in the past and together they competed in Dock Diving for 5 years. She received multiple titles with her lab in dock diving. Caroline has trained and titled her parents Pitbull Terrier in many AKC performance events. All her past dogs and current dogs do monthly nursing home visits and are certified therapy dogs. Caroline now has 3 Weimaraners the competes in both AKC and UKC Obedience and Rally events. Her Weimaraners also have titles in AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Canine Good Citizen Urban, Farm Dog Certified, American Temperament Test, Trick Dog Title, AKC Obedience Novice, AKC Rally Novice, AKC Rally Intermediate, UKC Obedience Novice and Dock Diving. Caroline’s dogs also enjoy doing bikejoring and protection training for fun. Her dogs are currently working for AKC Field Trials and AKC Agility.